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Washington Computer Services Webcasting Solution enables you to create and manage your online events through a simple to use SaaS platform. From start to finish, you can easily design the online experience you are looking for. Our engineering team has in-depth, first-hand experience designing, installing and supporting solutions to support our customers’ communication and collaboration needs.

  • Live & Online Video Platform
    • Online Event Set-up
    • Monetization – Pay-per-view, Sponsored, Subscription
    • Integrated Audience Management
    • Custom Audience Registration
    • Couponing and Surveys
    • Viewer-Controlled Camera Angles
  • Social Media Interactivity
    • Viewer Participation
    • Live Viewer Support
  • HD Net Streaming
    • Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming with DVR Controls
  • Content Management (Event Wizard)
    • Content Management System
    • SaaS Model Event Management
  • Mobile Streaming
    • iOS and Android Device Streaming (except Blackberry)
    • Mobile Live and On-Demand
  • Custom Registration
    • Custom Registration Process
    • Viewer Surveys
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Customizable Reporting
  • Technical Support
    • Live Viewer Support

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