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State Government Contracts

Serving New York and Kentucky

Enabling government and educational organizations to quickly and cost effectively purchase a broad range of technology solutions from state government contacts.

Washington Computer Services is an Authorized Reseller for more than thirty state government contracts from New York State, New York City Department of Education, and the State of Kentucky.

For over thirty years, WCS has been a leading provider of technology solutions for government and educational organizations. Whether you need to design and upgrade the technical systems for your auditorium or a new data center solution, turn to WCS as your trusted partner.

New York State Government Contracts

Audio Visual Equipment and Accessories (Statewide)

Group # Category Contract #
38806 Sharp Electronics PC67454
38806 NEC PC67446
38806 RGB Systems Inc. d/b/a Extron Electronics PC67452
38806 AMX, LLC PC67427
38806 Lumens PC67548
38806 Sony PC67456
38806 Infocus Corp PC67442

Information Technology Umbrella
Contracts Manufacturer Based

Group # Category Contract #
73600 HP Microcomputers PM20860
73600 Samsung PM21160
73600 Storage Engine PM20970
73600 Tripplite PM20990
73600 Hitachi PM20880
73600 RGB Systems (Extron Electronics)


73600 Fujitsu America, Inc. PM21110
73600 Lenovo, Inc


73600 Hewlett Packard Enterprise (servers storage, networking)


73600 Ergotron Inc.


73600 Nimble Storage


73600 FireEye


Power Protection

Group # Category Contract #
79504 APC PT63907
79504 Tripplite PT63990

Printer and Imaging Equipment

Group # Category Contract #

Brother International Corp



Hewlett-Packard Company



OKI Data America, Inc.






Xerox Corporation


Security & Network Infrastructure

Group # Category Contract #
77201 Security Systems PT63538
  Including: ATV, Anchor, Avrio Security, Array, Axis, Cables to Go, Firetide Wireless, Intelix, JBL, Middle Atlantic, NetStreams, NVT, OldCastle, OnSSI, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Shure, Startech, Transitions, Verint, Videolarm, Williams Sound.  

Servers & Computer Systems

Group # Category Contract #
76200 HP Servers PT64150
75350 HP Desktops & Laptops PM20860
75350 Lenovo PT65246

Storage Solutions

Group # Category Contract #
75050 HP Storage PT63224
75343 Sony Storage PT65198
75050 Storage Engine PT61460

State of Kentucky Government Contracts

Intel/McAfee Hardware & Services

Master Agreement Number:     MA,758,1200000268

McAfee Public Sector solutions help government agencies balance resources and security goals. McAfee solutions integrate, consolidate, and automate IT security operations to reduce cost while providing the visibility and intelligence necessary for better situational awareness.


National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance

Washington Computer Services is a NCPA reseller for Synnex and is authorized to sell a broad range of technology products.

View the contract details and product line card here: http://www.ncpa.us/Vendors/Details/1222

NCPA is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in New York, New Jersey and all 50 states. NCPA works with a lead public agency, who competitively solicits master contracts. Contracts are awarded based on quality, performance, and most importantly pricing.